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Willkommen bei Wandering Willows™, einer lebendigen Welt voller sonderbarer Lebensformen und spannenden Missionen. Mit über vierzig verwunschenen. Look at Wandering Willows, a Gegen-die-Zeit game offered by PlayFirst. Dieses Rollenspiel lädt dich ein in die fabelhafte Welt von Wandering Willows. Immerse yourself in the fantastical world of Wandering Willows, a casual adventure game from PlayFirst. After crash-landing your balloon on a mysterious island. Im Preisvergleich von powerriders.se kannst du die günstigsten Angebote zu Wandering Willows finden. Im Key-Preisvergleich findest du nur seriöse, legale und. Wandering Willows is a whimsical world in which you will embark on a series of quests. Befriend and train cute pets that will aid you with tasks like gardening.

Wandering Willows

Spielen Sie das Spiel Wandering Willows kostenlos online bei powerriders.se! Spiele für Jung und Alt! Willkommen bei Wandering Willows™, einer lebendigen Welt voller sonderbarer Lebensformen und spannenden Missionen. Mit über vierzig verwunschenen. Spielen Sie das Spiel Wandering Willows kostenlos auf powerriders.se! Kostenlose Spiele für Jung und Alt!

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FEAR PONG (DRUNK WILLOWS?!) - Wandering Willows EP 4 Spielen Sie das Spiel Wandering Willows kostenlos online bei powerriders.se! Spiele für Jung und Alt! Abonnenten, folgen, Beiträge - Sieh dir Instagram-Fotos und -​Videos von Wandering willows (@wandering_willows) an. Kaufen Wandering Willows hier. Download Wanderweiden hier. Es ist ein Spiel, das dich in eine abenteuerliche Welt voller Spaß bringt. In diesem Spiel müssen​. Spielen Sie das Spiel Wandering Willows kostenlos auf powerriders.se! Kostenlose Spiele für Jung und Alt! Wandering Willows herunterladen kostenlose. Sie können Wandering Willows kostenlos von unserem Software-Portal herunterladen. Braid Anniversary PS5 Code nicht verfügbar. Im Preisvergleich von Planetkey. Faraway Planets. These services may include, but are not limited to gameplay recording and sharing, social medial connectivity and the like. Software also includes updates and upgrades as well as accompanying Pokerturniere Munchen spackaging and other written, files, electronic or on-line materials or documentation, and any and all copies of such software and its materials. Please consult your carrier for further information. Hello Neighbor 2 Xbo Sherlock Holmes-Spiele. Xbox Game Pass Ultim Transport Fever 2 ab Lizenz: Shareware 6, Brain Teaser. Ice Cream Craze: Tycoon Takeover. Amazon Payment Products. She wants 2 mushrooms ground. License: Shareware 6, Try the trees right across the bridge to Filly App Professor's area. All found in ground in the west. Art's Onion Bread quest triggers Debbie to want a mask for his breath. Give to Silas. I bought Wandering Willows from Big Fish Games and I have made it to tasks and I have 5 of the main tasks done but now every time I go to Spectrum Online the Casino Potsdamer Platz Berlin it Eye Egypt down. What do I need to get more charm level? Esc Gewinner 2017 may not interfere with such access control measures or attempt to disable or circumvent such security features. If mandatory legislation in your jurisdiction requires longer in excess to the aforementioned 90 days, the length of the warranty is Www.Stargames.Com Opinie accordingly. Subject to this EULA and its Sloturi Cu Coroane and conditions, Bremen Vs Stuttgart GAMES hereby grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, limited right and license to use one copy of the Software for your personal non-commercial use on a single computer or gaming unit, unless otherwise specified in the Software documentation. Red Dead Redemption 2 ab Spiderman 2 Web Of Words. Cooking Stars Collector's Edition. Das neueste Update der Information: Apr. Get raspberries for Debbie. Making collars for your pets can be helpful when you want to quickly increase a creature's skill at a particular task, like digging or climbing. Download Wandering Willows. Comments You can also add comment Online Gold Facebook. Requires vanilla from Tropics garden. Shockwave is the premier destination for free online games and Global Poker Index Ranking download games.

Make Broom and give to Barbara. In Grassland, Professor needs 1 emerald for laser. Laser opens new area to west of lab. He wants materials for jet pack: make rocket helmet, space wings.

Gives pattern. Professor wants remote control for robot satellite: 10 copper ground , 1 diamond animal , 4 plastic.

Go to newly opened area to the west of lab. Zee is there. Explains pyramid scheme. Wants you to make Maddie a mug and bring to her.

Talk to Mr. Needs sapphire animal for terraforming ray. Builds a ramp back to central grasslands. Zee needs 1 wrench.

Requires iron ground from SE Tropics. Talk to Zee. Discuss patching balloon with space age fabric.

Zee needs: 1 ruby animal , 2 iron Tropics ground , 8 glass Tropics ground. Balloon Patched! Fifth goal achieved. That'll stop those pesky birds, provided they avoid every other part of the balloon besides the patch.

Wants tomato juice for Silas, gives recipe. Requires tomato Grasslands garden. Bring to Heather. Wants to clean fountain: needs 2 lemon Tropics tree , 2 lime Tropics tree , 2 orange tree.

Talk to Captain. Needs 20 batteries store to teleport satellite. Moves satellite and opens southern bridge. Capt now needs 4 iron ground , 4 glass ground , 4 plastic.

Launches satellite, creates ramp to south beach. Capt wants snack - Coconut Chocolate Bar. Requires coconut from new area to south.

Capt now wants Coffee: 1 Latte, 1 Espresso, 1 Coffee. Coffee beans found in new area to south. Maddie needs 4 pineapple Tropics tree , 4 coconut Tropics tree , 4 vanilla Tropics garden for shampoo.

Talk to Trevor Scrimshaw on south beach. Needs lemonade and limeade to prevent scurvy. Lemons and limes are found on eastern beach.

Talk to Barbara on east beach. Asks you to bring Sally materials for a barrel: 4 wood ground , 4 iron ground.

Talk to Sally. Wants ginger ale, gingerbread cookies. Cookies require wheat grown in Grassland garden. Sally wants help with birthday presents for Barbara.

Give Barbara 1 lemon tart, 1 poncho. Talk to Trevor. Wants 2 whipped cream for shaving. Requires vanilla from Tropics garden.

Talk about telescope. Trevor will give you his if you find his buried locker. Dig nearby. Maxine needs 12 lava ground to open final tomb, containing compass!

Well, actually, pretty much almost anywhere on that island. Which brings up the question of how lava could be flowing under everything just a few feet underneath.

And how you're putting it in your backpack It's not worth much at the store, BTW. Asks you to talk to Nico about his broken computer router. Deliver broken router to Nico.

Teturn to Grassland. He wants cookie dough and a latte. Requires coffee beans from Tropics. Jeremy wants Orchid bouquet for online crush.

Orchid seeds are dropped by spotted cats and birds in the Tropics. Take finished bouquet to Captain Whittaker in Tropics. Triggers Barbara to ask for 1 snickerdoodle, 1 caramel bar, gives recipes.

Prof wants 2 lemons Tropics trees , 2 pecans Tropics trees , 2 bananas Tropics trees , 2 grapes Grassland trees for superfruit. Take lemocanana to Sally in Tropics.

Oh, and it's impossible to eat it or give it away to anybody else. Sally wants ninja outfit to sabotage Professor.

It doesn't have to be pink, but it'll make her look really funny if you do it. Talk to Maxine on western beach. Wants Kababa's Vase Bouquet for ritual.

Requires Lotus, Orchid, and Hibiscus flowers. Seeds can be found in Tropics animals and planted anywhere. Wrapping paper is bought at flower store. Now Maxine wants 1 ruby animal , 1 sapphire animal , and 1 diamond animal for ritual.

Maxine wants Voodoo Mask, Jewel Wand for ritual, gives patterns. Maxine begins ritual. Volcano erupts and opens NW beach. Maxine tells you to search for heating element in animal in new beach.

Find Kababa's Pet behind volcano. Charm - will drop heating element. Warning: It has the highest charm level of all creatures in the game.

Tough battle for even a maxed out charm level creature. Give heating element to Maxine. Return to Grasslands. This will trigger you handing over all your Balloon parts and the end of the game.

Posted by: eileen March 31, PM. And here's another link for the start of a list for the pets' likes and dislikes. It will be updated as needed.

Pets' Likes and Dislikes. Posted by: Pam April 1, PM. For anyone who like me wants to know which tasks are actually required for completion of the game, and which tasks can be chosen to complete optional , I have created the following task list.

Debbie [Katz] requires you to talk to Art [Gunderson] Art requires 1 wheat Art requires you to deliver 1 raspberry to Debbie Debbie requires 2 raspberry; 4 wheat Debbie requires a Raspberry Tart 1 butter; 1 raspberry; 1 wheat Debbie requires 2 cotton; 1 thread Debbie requires you to talk to Silas [Applebee] Silas requires 1 dye Silas requires 6 twigs.

Zee requires 1 sapphire Mr. Zee requires you to deliver Mug 2 dye; 4 glass; 2 oil to Maddie Maddie requires you to deliver 1 diamond to Mr.

Zee Mr. Zee requires 6 oil Mr. Zee requires a Wrench 4 iron Mr. Zee requires 8 glass; 2 iron; 1 ruby. I ended up buying the game after the demo because it is SO addicting!

And I am happy to report that this game doesn't end right after your one hour demo like other games I ended up buying. It's a great relaxing game and I often charm animals and climb trees while I watch tv : I highly recommend this game, esp if you liked the demo.

One of the best simulation games I've played in a long time. Reminded me of Harvest Moon but with a twist.

I wish the characters were more dynamic I would probably buy it then, but seriously, it is still a great game. I love it too but I wish I could see all my pets walking around in the pen.

Looks like 3 is the max even if you have more nests. I also wish things would happen. It could really be beefed up and be super-fantastic.

I would get this game if it came through Big Fish Games. I am not going to plunk down 10 bucks on another site though.

In case anybody's worried about the length of the game, there is a whole other island beyond the first one, with a completely different set of ingredients to harvest.

There's even a boss creature near the end, sort of. I downloaded the try out and had to buy it at the end of the hour. I love gathering games and this one comes with cute pets and witty characters.

Also the tutorials are very helpful and everything is very easy to understand. Awesome stuff. Hope they keep making more games like this. This really is an amazing game, right up there with Escape from Paradise.

I'd say it takes at least 2 days of full playing time not including nights to complete it. One thing I've been wondering though, is if the Biologist badge requires just one pet of each type, so the same animal but with different colours is one type, or if you need one of each species the animals are of the same type, gorilla for instance, but you need to get one of each colour scheme, i.

Nevermind, through the magic of Google I found the answer. It turns out that you do need one of each species i.

This also brings up another reason why I had to buy this game. Even though it can be completed in 2 days, there are still so many things to do for a completist like myself, which adds to the value of the game tenfold.

I just beat the main game. Completing sidequests is what I live for, and now that they're all done with I have trouble finding the motive to continue playing.

I don't know about the ending, though. It's so predictable I feel justified not putting it in a spoiler tag Yeah, after I got the full game, I played for about 9 hours and thought, "what a long game!

More organized? Well, anyway. Aside from that, what an impressive game! I'm not sure how to describe it. Harvest Moon? Animal Crossing? I haven't been this hooked on a game since Totem Tribe -- and the best part is that I'm not battling that fear of doing a ton of work, only to lose the battle and having to do everything over again.

A sweetly refreshing game More coffee, please? Anyolina: The garden can indeed be made bigger. Buy additional garden plots one at a time in the general store.

If you spend enough money, you can eventually fill that entire 4x4 dirt area with fertile soil. This is such a great game, i had to buy it.

I stayed up the entire night playing and had to call in sick to work the next day. Collecting all animals, recipes and patterns can be pretty painful, as you have to keep playing for a long time after the quests and the fun exploration is over.

But I've found a XML inside the folder of the game strings. That might help us at least a bit. Recipes and patterns will pop up only if you still don't have them, so it suffice to know how many there are:.

I would like to note that there are 4 more pets that aren't in Stefano's note You're right Chelle I forgot those!

Clever humor, simple enough game mechanics and although the item combining and quests were obviously repetitions of the same mechanism, they felt very different and diverse for some reason.

Actually, two of those pets I haven't seen around and they are both supposed to be on the grasslands isle. You have to give Nico Garcia. Murfee does appear to be rather elusive, but I have come across him a couple of times, so he is there.

Just keep doing all the other stuff in the game, and eventually you'll see him. This game takes after animal crossing.

Offers really good value because it is very long. Hope it's successful enough to warrant a sequel. I am nuts for this game though it has a Mac bug at the point you have to fix broken router unfortunately and desperately would like recommendations for similar games.

Any and all suggestions welcome! It's the gathering, recipe making, stuff making parts I like most, fyi, if that helps. Let me know Q: I cannot find the paint recipe!!

I have spoken to the professor who asked me to make him a broom, gave me the "recipe" for the broom, which includes paint. When I try to "make" paint, it tells me I can't because I don't have that "recipe"!!

I cannot move forward in the game now and am getting quite annoyed. I know to make paint you need oil and dye.

I have tons of dye. Have yet to dig up any oil and I've been digging everywhere for a while now.

I don't think I'll find oil until I get the paint recipe. Can anyone HELP?? I'm on the "heating element" part and have done all the tasks down to making the pink ninja outfit.

BUT, somehow it skipped JJ asking for the orchid bouquet so now I have no tasks and I'm wandering aimlessly looking for the "recipe" for the orchid bouquet.

I'm guessing that's why he didn't ask for it, because I didn't have the recipe. How can I get that darn recipe? I've been playing for hours charming critters and digging stuff up trying to get it and I can't come across it!

Am I missing something or do I just have to keep wandering? Grassland or Tropics? Once you have enough watering can capacity, new flower arrangements become available.

Hope this helps! Otherwise, for the collars, I already have 41 but do not have the associated medal I can't remember if I got it from an animal or if I dug it up, though.

Or am I buying, for example "Wandering Willows for x86 Windows", and unable to also download the mac one? I can't find this info explicitly anywhere on PlayFirst's site, and suspect it wants me to pay for them separately.

When you purchase a game from the casual game portals, you are purchasing either the Mac or the Windows version, not a version that may be downloaded for either platform.

Although I have been able to get a Mac version for a Windows version I previously purchased through Big Fish, you would have to go through the normal customer support channels to do that.

They're both exceptionally well made games. I wouldn't really recommend any of the other Harvest Moon games though I am having trouble finding silver, I have found some earlier but now i need it and i cant find any!!!

Anyone got ideas???? Q: Can any one help me on where I plant the Daisy's The garden will only let me plant oats,wheat,cotton, or potatoes Can any one help me please???

How do you get nutmeg? I've looked on ALL the trees on every part of the island and no such luck. Angie - Silver is a little more rare but you should be able to find it by digging in the Tropics, maybe in the southern and western areas.

Once this quest is activated, creatures will occasionally drop eggshells when you charm them. Charm enough creatures to get the eggshells.

Can't find quarts. Any hints? Do I just have to keep sweet talking the animals until they give it up? Michelle - Yes, only animals will drop quartz.

I don't have the game in front of me, but I know some of the creatures have the ability to cause more gem drops when charming - try using one of those as your pet!

You can see creature abilities in the stable. I found the nutmeg. From the Professor's bridge go south and just around the piece of land that sticks out there is a tree with cinnamon and the nutmeg.

The tree is located in the grasslands, toward the right center. Here is a screenshot that may help:. Nutmeg Tree.

I can't find ruby and diamond. I've been finding rubies and diamonds in the Tropics section, mostly around the bottom of the area.

Go through your pets and find one that finds more gems through charming. In my game, it's Cowlie, Monthrax, and Morilla to name a few. I don't think it matters which animal they charm.

They can all produce gems. To earn the medal's I have to found all the pattern or I have to found the pattern and have the item in my inventory?

Now I have 41 collar pattern but I don't earn the medal!!! I am stuck at making pies. Do I have to find it? I keep looking and have not seen it available to buy.

I know this should be a no brainer, but I just started playing and I am wondering how you get off the grassland? How do I get to the other islands?

Do I just keep collecting things and making things till it unlocks? Help pulleeze. I can't seem to find flax. Is it a diggin thing, or charm animal thing, or buy something or what?

Have gone around doing all of em till have vertigo, to no avail. I've visited the tree that is supposed to supply nutmeg over and over, but I keep finding two sticks of cinnamon.

I've harvested the cinnamon repeatedly, hoping nutmeg might grow back in it place, but no such luck. At this point, I am stuck, because making the ale is the only quest available, and it seems I can't progress until I finish it I've finished all the other available quests.

Is this a glitch that I can't fix? It seems to be rare to find a nutmeg on the tree, but I've found a few over time. Keep trying. How many collars are there really?

The person above said there are 37, but I have 42 already and still haven't gotten the trophy for having all of them, so there must be more.

In answer to how many collars I think i got the Medal at Game finished just need all pets and i have all Medals. JIGuest- To get wheat, click on a patch of your garden and your options for what to plant will appear in a pop-up menu.

I am also stuck on the tutorial - i have clicked on the garden and it doesn't do anything, it just walks over to the patch there is no pop up menu and i am not given any wheat seed.

I am stuck - i really want to get on with the game it seems good, please help! I can not find a lime tree, I have lemons and thought they would grow maybe on the same tree i have searched and searched for them.

Someone help me please! I have a problem. I bought Wandering Willows from Big Fish Games and I have made it to tasks and I have 5 of the main tasks done but now every time I go to play the game it shuts down.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program and scanned it with my anti virus software and it all checks out. Is there a glitch with the game or is it just me?

More areas, critters, and items will open up if you keep doing the side quests. Also, some shortcuts are made by comical mistakes like the prof.

Make sure your mouse highlight shows a rake, then click for the seed pop-up. Same with lemons and limes, just strip the trees of all they are holding, then come back in minutes and try again.

He also has the bulls special, but better THis works at anytime you have it at 16 charm: Buy ultra high class food at 61 WB, then sell it back.

Rao sellback at 16 charm: You could do this on other items min price of 5, turns into Think about it I'm not too sure if my last comment got through anywhere, but I decided to try to repost it, with new info.

Below the prof, there are, I believe, 4 total trees that have cinnomin and nutmeg rarish. The Cat Species is one of the best, as well. He also has the bulls special, but better stats, other than energy Also, a cheap cash trick for those who have a Charm lv 16 Cat or Bull I think cat is better, as in better stats This works at anytime you have it at 16 charm: Buy ultra high class food at 61 WB, then sell it back.

All those people saying tropics, south half are only half right. It can drop anywhere from seeds hibicus only, it appears or diamonds, sapphires or rubies.

So i need to get to the land behind the volcaino to get seeds from an animal behind there, but i cant find a way and cant complete my last two tasks until i get the flower seeds.

I know where to find the rubies, but i can't figure out how to givfe nico the amp or where to find the pattern for it.

I have no other tasks on either island to perform, except giving the ruby to maddie which i can't do until i can get to the bottom of the tropics island, which i can't do until i give nico a guitar and a amp?

I finished the bouquet arc, but haven't gotten the telescope or heating element. However, the game isn't giving me any tasks or any options for new tasks.

I'm trying to max friend everyone to see if that helps, but I'm stuck on Anyone run into this problem? I think I finally got mine in the central western Tropics.

Hope that helps. JIGuest - What exact quest are you on? Have you checked your quest list? Usually they won't ask for an item without giving you the recipe..

I have all eggs except for the Chacha. The walkthrough on Gamezebo shows maps with where the animals are, but I have found plenty of animals to appear in other sections.

Thus, I don't necessarily trust the maps. I have only seen one Chacha during the entire time I have played the game and he didn't give me an egg.

I can't remember exactly where I saw him and I am trying to find another, but don't want to waste the time walking the islands over and over.

Anyone remember where they've seen a Chacha? I gave the orchid bouquet to Commander Whittaker, then the ring to JJ, and I think that was the last one.

I was expecting another to open up. Chachas tend to pop-up in the tropics, by the cocoa beans more often than anywhere else my experience.

Vane- the grasslands is the place of emeralds, just keep on charming, it takes awhile sometimes Thanks, Slash! I finally got the last egg. So, I guess the same is done.

I have all the rewards. Is there a way to leave the islands now or did I miss my opportunity when I finished the balloon and chose to stay to finish the rewards?

If I can't leave now, can someone who chose to leave tell me what happens? Does anything fun happen or do you just see credits?

And unfortunately, I already gave 2 golds, and we are now best friend. How do I get the router now? This is my 1st time here. I'm having problem finding quartz.

Can you help me? You can find pecan trees in the tropics area. There are a lot of nut trees in the middle part of the island. Is there a way to get to the pieces of land that have bolders in front of them?

I need to find nutmeg and I have heard that it can be found on a tree on the Northwest part of Grassland. Sam - Maraschino cherries grow on the same trees as regular cherries in the grasslands.

Try the trees right across the bridge to the Professor's area. Bree - The unreachable areas open up as you complete different tasks.

To get to the area with nutmeg,. Need help finding Iron to make the wrench for Mr. I think I found it before to make the bucket but now I can't find it anywhere.

Any tips? I was wondering if someone can help me?? I'm at charm level 16 and I need to get to to try and find the heat element.

What do I need to get more charm level? Torzil is wearing the big megacharm collar and the big megachance charm collar.

Do I need a different helper or just keep digging and charming until I get to the next charming level?

It shouldn't take too long! You're talking about the quest where you have to charm Kababa's pet at the end? Level 16 is the max that any of the pets can reach for charming.

Any pet should be able to do this quest as long as it's built up to the max on charming. Just be sure the pet is well fed before you start.

You've already got good collars on it, so you should be able to do it. Pecan Tree. I have all the other medals except Master Collar Maker and I have 42 collar patterns.

I've been playing now for days trying all kinds of different things to get the final collar pattern. Any suggestions?

My daughter was playing my game while I wasn't watching, and when I came back my character had become invisible and it looks like my inventory and pet stock is back to where I was several days ago.

Hi, i need help finding for Professor Meepole. He wants 4 white square dig:grass. Art Gunderson wants a ballroom gown and i cannot find the garden:flax.

Is there a limit on bag upgrade? I can't upgrade my bag!! Lovelymum - Have you been to the Tropics yet? You grow the flax in your Tropics garden.

I think the grass is also found in the Tropics. Yvonne - Have you already upgraded it? Do you know to buy upgrades at the sewing store?

Does anyone know where the save file for this game is located? I've gotten a third or halfway through the game on one computer, and I'd hate to have to do that all over on the other :.

Ummm, loved the trial, quaint casual game. If so, how do I access that? Is there a code? Hi, Great game but I'm stuck. I can't find the limes.

Plenty of lemons but no limes. Can anyone tell me where to find them? Over the course of three games, I kept track of which animal gives you flowers and gems.

Some of them are still missing the info simply because they either haven't showed up in the game or I only got eggs from them, they are also listed.

If I have missed any please feel free to let me know. This is based on at least three complete games. One question, has anybody been able to get an egg from Swirlee yet?

I must have charmed of them so far! Jennifer - The limes grow on the same trees as lemons. Try leaving the area and returning to see if limes have appeared.

Hey i need help, i'm stuck in trying to make the Spiced Ale, but i can't find the other spice. It said to find it ina tree but i can't find it Abbie - Pam actually posted a picture of the nutmeg tree for spiced ale in the last page of comments:.

Here is a screenshot that may help: Nutmeg Tree ". Iron is dug up in the SE tropics. I'm still at the beginning and I need to find nutmeg! I've searched the whole first island and can't find it anywhere.

Here is a screenshot that may help you. There's nothing really special involved in getting quartz. It's not quite as common as some other items, but you just have to keep charming all the animals.

It will turn up. Hello I really enjoy this game, but I've never played a game past a demo, and stick mostly with free flash. So I hope my question doesn't sound silly.

If I want to download this game and go off Bigfish, where it's only 6. Again, I hope I don't sound too stupid asking this.

You will be able to play the full game right away. Not a stupid question. Shelly G. I'm quite far into the game and am now looking for some iron bars which I did find earlier on in the game.

I have 3 bars but need 4 and have been all over and can't remember where to dig for it. I need iron for Mr.

Zee's wrench! Does anyone have a list of all characters in the game? I'm trying to get the "Social Butterfly" trophy and I have every character I can remember at "Best Friend" level, but I haven't gotten the award, so I must be missing someone.

Here are the people I have:. Shanglan - I think that's all the characters! You've double checked that they are all best-friend status?

Here is a list of characters:. I am having the same problem, every one of my people is on "Best Friend" status but I still don't have the Social Butterfly award.

Five stars, all the way! You collect stuff, finish quest and personalize clothes and more! I wish for more games like these!

Has anyone been able to get all the recipes and patterns without buying them? Seems like the same ones are always left over at the end of the game.

Thanks, Anne. I have lots of flowers seeds and can't seen to plant them I take them out and drop them and nothing happens Julie - Make sure you are planting them in the grass, not in the garden.

They can also take a little time to grow. I totally love this game. She's dumb! Nico Garcia wants the broken router for Captain Whittaker, but where do I find the broken router?

I collected all 41 pets and it still hasn't given me the biologist award. What can I do to fix it? I LOVE this game! And another thing, the older man asked me to make a dress for him!

I made it so it looked more like a tunic. I can't make iced tea for Maxine Rose without it That being said, it sounds like a permissions problem if you're running on Windows.

The game may be having trouble writing saving your game state to the directory where it is installed, thereby seemingly "forgetting" about your progress.

That is a common Windows issue. I just got a demo of this to try out to see if I'd like it enough to buy. I am stuck on the quest to make ginger ale and the cookie for sally blueberry.

How do i open the sw to ne roads? I am completely stuck here. Hi anyone know how toget over the bridges in the tropics to get to captain. Have got to task 81 but now no tasks captain and other flashing but cannot get over bride also cannot access 2nd hill area in grasslands NW can see grass ramp but again cannot find bridge near professor or access pont will not let me access.

Meet a hilarious casts of characters such as Art Gunderson, the elderly farmer that loves raisins and wearing ball gowns, and Debbie Katz, a prim and proper librarian type that adores flowers and trendy clothes.

Charm them and many others as you complete the whole assortment of quests which will take at least 20 hours to complete. If you like simulations and interesting game elements, download Wandering Willows and start making friends today!

In Wandering Willows, your hot air balloon has crashed on an enchanted island full of strange animals and people during a storm.

The island's inhabitants are willing to help you repair your balloon, but first you'll need to complete a variety of quests for them to earn the necessary money and supplies.

You'll also be able to collect and train pets that will help you gather supplies from digging, climbing trees, and other animals.

As you complete quests and repair your balloon, you'll come across various recipes and patterns you can use to make new types or food and clothing.

This game will get you hooked and keep you playing for hours and hours. You begin your adventure by creating a character. You can choose various features of the character to customize, such as skin tone, hair color, hair style, eye color, and more.

After creating a character, you can began questing for the various characters on the island. Helpful hints guide you through the first few simple quests that you perform.

The objectives change from quest to quest, but generally consist of collecting certain items, creating a certain type or food or clothing, or talking to someone on the island.

The key to completing quests is collecting materials used to create items or that are part of the objectives. Some items can be purchased through stores, and others can be obtained through planting and harvesting.

More often than not, you'll need to make use of your pet to collect goods. Your pet can climb trees to reach goods like fruit and honey, dig for twigs and dye, or charm other pets for goods like wool and possibly an egg that hatches into another pet.

As you use your pet, he gains skill and is able to climb higher trees, dig in tougher areas, and charm higher level animals. As you collect items and complete quests, you'll progress towards fixing different parts of your balloon.

This gives you a larger goal to work towards as you take on all of the small tasks for the villagers. The simple gameplay and controls make Wandering Willows a game that anyone can easily learn and play.

All actions, from moving to collecting items, is done with mouse clicks. Quests are fairly easy and require only collecting materials and perhaps using them to make items.

It makes this a great game for casual or newer players, but also means that there won't be much of a challenge for more experienced or skilled players.

Additionally, many of the quests are very similar in their goals. These can make the game feel a bit more repetitive for some players.

At the same time, trying to complete all your quests and the level of customization makes this game incredibly addicting and one that you don't want to put down.

Not only does this game get the gameplay right, but it does a very good job when it comes to the presentation as well.

There's a small story at the center of the game that drives all of your actions. Your balloon has crashed on a strange island during a storm, and you want to fix it up and leave.

The people you encounter on the island are willing to help, but you'll need to do some tasks for them first.

Wandering Willows

Wandering Willows Wandering Willows

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